kunstundwohnen as a guest of Clement & Schneider:
Maik and Dirk Löbbert

Thursday, 29 January 2015, 7 p.m.

Beate Eckstein, art historian

30 January – 21 February 2015
Carnival 12 – 18 February 2015 closed

For the ninth project of “kunstundwohnen (art and living), an initative of Bonn based housing enterprise “MIWO”, the artists Maik and Dirk Löbbert have developed an intervention with coloured light. In the staircase of an apartment building in Bonn the regular windowpanes were exchanged with glass of red, yellow and blue colour. The panes of the front door were filled with green glass. Ascending the staircase the visitor strolls from green to yellow to blue and finally to dark red light.

As a completion of the project Maik and Dirk Löbbert are presenting works and sketches, which also deal with the subject of “transparency”.

Minimal changes and intervention related to the surrounding architecture are characteristic for many projects of the artists. In their temporal and permanent works in public space they react to the existing architectural situation. Single elements as signs, lights or other details are duplicated, shifted or get a new colour. The main concern of the artists in all their works is to break with accustomed perception and to create new perspectives on the habitual surrounding of our daily life.

An initiative of MIWO society for building and managing
rented flats in Cologne/Bonn area

Maik und Dirk Löbbert

Galerie Marion Scharmann, Cologne

30.01.2015 - 21.02.2015